In Lightact Visualizer you can insert geometry, video screens, light fixtures and UV mapped objects. The content you send to them in the real world is going to show in the virtual as well. Everything you see in the Visualizer is going to happen in the real world.


Lightact Layer Layouts and the Sequencer empower you to program your content exactly the way you want. Create real-time 2D or 3D content, play video or audio files, create conditional action flows, sequence content layers, interact with 3rd party devices using TCP/UDP or OSC messaging, prepare content for projection mapping, use computer vision for amazing interactive installations and much more. All with one, easy-to-use software tool.


Lightact servers are made for a reliable long-term 24/7 operation. That’s why they come with a 5-year onsite next-business-day warranty provided by our hardware partner Dell EMC. Most versions also come with a redundant power supply and disk mirroring.

You can also create Lightact WebUIs, which are easy-to-use web-based interfaces with which the end users can easily interact with and control the installation.


Lightact Manager and Lightact Cloud give you an up-to-a-minute precise information about your installations. You can also set up email notifications in case there are any warnings, error or user actions.

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