LightAct has a dedicated MediaEngine, which can create stunning real-time generative visuals.
Generative Content

LightAct uses Cinder as its Creative Coding backbone. This gives you the power to create incredible generative visuals that respond to inputs in real-time. All of these visuals are seamlessly integrated as content layers and all the parameters can be easily adjusted in the Node Editor of the layer. Also, graphics rendering runs on OpenGL and GPU, which frees CPU for other tasks.

Output Mapping

All of the content on canvases is routed to physical outputs (DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort) via an easy-to-use user interface. It even allows you to map several virtual screens on the same physical output, which can be handy if you use a lot of low-res screens and don’t want to use one output for each of them.

Content Plugin System

For all the Creative Coders out there we’ve made it as easy as possible to incorporate your Code into LightAct. We use Cinder as the backbone of LightAct’s MediaEngine, so if you know how to write in C++, it is easy for us to incorporate your Code as an additional project-specific content layer. This allows you to focus on the creative part and leave the rest to us.