UE4 Sample Project

This package includes an Unreal Engine 4.19 sample project with Spout and Lightact plugins installed. It has been set up to work with Lightact sample project called Unreal Engine Integration. You can find it in the Welcome screen that pops up when you open Lightact. The projects demonstrate 2-way sharing of textures and variables.

There is a very simple Readme file in the package as well.

UE project UE_LA_Sample should open without problems in UE version 4.19. If you have a different version you’ll probably encounter warnings that Spout or Lightact plugins need to be rebuilt. These are standard and expected. Please refer to Unreal Engine & Lightact Video Tutorials, UE documentation or Readme files for these plugins on Lightact Github to resolve this. If you still can’t make it work post a question on Lightact Answerhub and we’ll try to help you out.

Please note: this sample is in Unreal Engine version 4.19. If you want to use version 4.20 or above please create a blank C++ project and manually install the plugins from our Github page above.