Unreal Engine Integration Sample Projects

This package includes 2 sample projects. A Lightact one and Unreal Engine one. They demonstrate 2-way texture sharing between UE and LA and a basic variable streaming from LA to UE.

Lightact project includes 2 layers named UE2LA and LA2UE. Important nodes are commented so it should be very easy for you to understand what’s happening. There is a very simple Readme file in the package as well.

UE project UE_LA_Sample should open without problems in UE version 4.19. If you have a different version you’ll probably encounter warnings that Spout or Lightact plugins need to be rebuilt. These are standard and expected. Please refer to Unreal Engine & Lightact Video Tutorials, UE documentation or Readme files for these plugins on Lightact Github to resolve this. If you still can’t make it work post a question on Lightact Answerhub and we’ll try to help you out.