Lightact One

Lightact One is an entry-level software license with 1 HD output pixel and 1 Art-Net universe limitation. With 2-way real-time integration with Unreal Engine, it is perfect for smaller projects and installations.

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Lightact Dongle
You need at least one Lightact dongle in order to be able to use any Lightact software license. If you already have a dongle then you need to tell us the ID of your dongle, which can be seen in License tab of Preferences window in Lightact. Based on this ID we’ll generate a license key unique to your dongle.You can upgrade or downgrade the license on your dongle at any time.

You can install Lightact upgrades up to a year after you’ve purchased this license.

What happens when you order
We’ll e-mail you the license key within 1 business day of your purchase or, if you already have the dongle, after you’ve sent us the ID of your dongle. You can insert this key into License tab of Preferences window in Lightact.


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