Media Server for Lighting Installations

Control tens of thousands of pixels.
You can import tens of thousands of pixels from OBJ or CSV files and map content to them with just a few clicks.

Media Server for Lighting Installations

Create interactive installations without writing code.
Lightact’s Layer Layouts system allows your installation to interact with outside world. TCP, UDP, MIDI, OSC and even computer vision – the options are limitless.

Media Server for Lighting Installations

Monitor installation remotely.
With Lightact Cloud and Lightact Manager, you can rest assured your installation will run smoothly. If there is a power outage, you’ll be the first to know.

Media Server for Lighting Installations

Control your installation with a browser.
With Lightact WebUIs you and your Clients can control the installation through a browser. On any device, at any time and from any place.

Media Server for Lighting Installations

Use Lightact hardware or build your own.
Lightact’s Pro servers come with a 5-year on-site warranty and iDRAC remote access provided by Dell.

Lightact covers the whole workflow of an installation. During the design phase, you can use it to visualize the project. Then, when everything is installed, Lightact acts as a reliable Art-Net controller.

On top of that, you can use an incredibly powerful visual scripting tool called Layer Layouts which allows you to create interactive installations without writing a single line of code.

“No issues with the software at all. It’s all very easy to use and stable.”


Fixture import

Create a fixture library and place thousands of fixtures in Lightact based on data from an OBJ or CSV file.

Fixture connections

Easily address each fixture by clicking fixtures one-by-one or simply import DMX address from a CSV file.

Real-time content

Use Layer Layouts to create real-time graphics, write your own shaders or use Unreal Engine for real-time rendering.


Make your installation react to external inputs, video or depth cameras or other data.


Light Academy is a structured collection of video tutorials created to quickly get you from being an absolute beginner to an intermediate level.


Quick start guides are designed to get you from start to finish as quickly as possible without digging too deep into the background of what you are trying to do.


User documents provide an in-depth explanation of Lightact features. The button above will take you to the starting chapter of the eDMX (Art-Net) section.