Media Server for Unreal Engine

Send UE4 to multiple screens and projectors
Lightact allows you to send UE4 output to multiple screens or projectors. With all the warping and blending you want. And all in 60 FPS.

Media Server for Unreal Engine

Control UE4 with external devices
Lightact allows you to control UE4 with dozens of different inputs. OSC, TCP, UDP, Art-Net and even online sources such as RSS. Everything is possible.

Media Server for Unreal Engine

Create Audio Reactive UE4 Environments
Lightact features Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) which allows you to create great-looking audio reactive UE4 environments.

Media Server for Unreal Engine

Control UE4 with Timecode
Lightact can receive and sync to Art-Net timecode. It can also pass this data on to UE4, which allows you to sync your UE4 creation with other devices.

Lightact media server works with Unreal Engine 4. With Lightact you get a whole plethora of media server functionalities that complement perfectly Unreal’s real-time rendering capabilities.

You can share variables and textures between the two applications in real-time and all you need to do is to download Lightact and UE4 plugins available from Lightact’s Github page.

Lightact is in Preview mode until Summer 2018. Up until then, it is completely free, unlocked and unwatermarked. Enjoy!




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Lightact® doesn’t have any affiliation with Unreal Engine or Epic Games® and neither of them endorses Lightact in any way. Here at Lightact, we just love UE4 and feel it’s a great solution for live events, shows and permanent installations.