LightAct offers you a consistent and reliable workflow whether you are working on a single DMX universe or on a huge Art-Net installation.
Art-Net Mapping

Art-Net functionality in LightAct allows you to control large number of DMX universes. You can set up a multitude of Art-Net nodes, create Art-Net screens and map Art-Net fixtures on them in any way you like. Rotation and scaling of the content is all GPU accelerated.

Fixture Library

Create your own Art-Net fixture using a simple and intuitive user interface. Everything from pixel pitch, type and addressing to padding on the edges can be easily adjusted. The fixtures are saved in a Fixture Library so you only have to go through the process once for every fixture.


reActor V is a DIN-Rail mounted DMX lighting controller programmed with LightAct software. After programming it operates as a 100% stand-alone unit. It features an internal battery powered Real-Time-Clock for time-based triggers and events, digital and analogue inputs and can connect to SensorView module for additional functionalities.