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We are very excited to launch Lightact v3.2.3 today. It’s got a number of new features for projection mapping and is even easier and more intuitive to use. WebUIs also got a number of upgrades our users have been asking for.

So let’s get straight to it.

Projection Mapping
Projector 3D Calibration

Projector 3D Calibration is a new feature which allows you to precisely match the location, rotation and field of view of your virtual projector with the location, rotation and field of view of the real projector.

This is the key component in the projection mapping workflow where you use UV mapped OBJ objects.


Texture softedge node has been upgraded substantially. Now you can create polygonal softedge masks with as many corners as you want.


Console has been pushed to the forefront with Lightact v3.2.3! Now it appears in the main Visualizer window and you can set the color and duration of every entry in Print to Console node.

WebUI Upgrades

WebUIs include a new widget called Variable Scheduler. It allows you to adjust variable values in advance.

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