Lightact v3.2.2 is Out!

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Today we are launching Lightact v3.2.2! We took a bit longer for this release because we wanted to add some quite significant upgrades. Actually, there are some many new features that we’ve split this announcement into 2 posts. The biggest upgrade by far is the updated LightNet feature. It allows you to create frame-accurate syncing of several Lightact servers (as it is a brand new feature it might be a bit rough around the edges). You can find a more detailed description of this feature in the previous blog post about v3.2.2. or in our Changelog.

Visualizer Upgrades

The biggest upgrade is the ability to add Bloom to light fixtures, video screens and projected objects. This allows you to create more convincing project visualisations.

Object labels, Primitive objects & Markers

You can also show labels above any object in the Visualizer, add Primitive objects (cube, sphere, cylinder and plane) or Markers.

Adjustable Camera View Angle

You can adjust camera view angle in the Visualizer. Most of these Visualizer settings can be changed in a new Visualizer menu.

WebUI Upgrades

WebUIs include a new widget called Command Scheduler. It allows you to setup commands to be automatically triggered whenever a certain condition (or time) is met.

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