Lightact Free is a free version of Lightact. It comes with all features unlocked and it is possible to save your work and continue later.

Why are we giving it for free? The idea is that you can use Lightact for free up until you get a real project. When that happens and you need unwatermarked outputs, you just transfer the project to a paid license and that’s it.

We only get paid when you do.

Software licenses


Lightact One is an entry-level software license with 1 HD output pixel and 1 Art-Net universe limitation. With 2-way real-time integration with Unreal Engine, it is perfect for smaller projects and installations.


Lightact Easy has 2 full-HD output pixel and 2 Art-Net universes limitation, which makes it ideal for temporary multi-media and smaller lighting projects.


Lightact Pro licenses unlock all of Lightact’s features. There are 3 versions of Pro licenses with different max video resolutions and DMX universe outputs. Giving you all of the power for projects with limited budgets.

Pro Servers

Pro range is a fleet of 2U media servers for medium to sky-is-the-limit multimedia installations. They are packed with reliability and performance features and come pre-installed with Lightact, Lightact Manager and Lightact WebUIs.

All Pro customers automatically get Premium support package and can use Lightact Cloud for added peace-of-mind.

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