LightAct Systems

Creating Interactive Spaces

What is LightAct?

LightAct is a tool for creating interactive spaces with lighting & multi-media.
It is an award-winning control system giving you the power to create interactive and immersive environments.


LightAct has been designed with interactivity in mind! It has unmatched capabilities in motion tracking and can connect with a variety of sensors & cameras.


LightAct is using state-of-the-art technology in both it’s hardware & software. It gives you all the options you need for controlling lighting, video, audio and interact with RGB cameras, depth cameras, analogue and digital sensors.


With most interactive installations there is a need for a custom add-on. LightAct products allow us to design & implement project-specific functionalities quickly and effortlessly.

Featured Product

LightAct Media is an interactive media production and playback software package. It allows you to compose video effects based on real-time data. It features a multi-layer timeline where you can stack the video content on top of eachother and combine it with one of several interactive video effects.

LightAct is a control system for immersive multimedia environments.

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