LightAct makes interactive installations easier and more affordable to design and create.
Video Motion Tracking

You can connect any camera with a video feed (USB, IP or Thermal cameras) to LightAct and run sophisticated computer vision algorithms in real-time for your interactive installation.

Natural User Interfaces

If you want to use advanced depth-map based sensors it is easy to do so. For example, you can import Microsoft Kinect into your project and use one of our motion tracking algorithms on its depth feed. You can also use Kinect’s native joint tracking and connect one of the joints to a parameter of a content layer to control it with gestures. Other sensors such as Asus Xtion, Leap Motion and others, can also be easily integrated.

Network & Scheduling

LightAct can be controlled with network (TCP) triggers. Events can also be scheduled in advance using time & date or astronomical events. Additionally, LightAct’s easy customization allows us to quickly develop project specific plugins.

Digital & Analogue Sensors

By using our SensorView module you can connect to an almost limitless number of various digital and analogue sensors. SensorView has a 12V DC and 5V DC power supply so you can also power the sensors from it.