For Designers

Unreal Engine Integration

Lightact is world’s first media server featuring full Unreal Engine integration. You can send textures and variables from Lightact to UE and back. All in 60FPS.

Real-time rendering

Create real-time content by connecting nodes in Layer Layouts. In 2D or in 3D. No coding required.


Make your installation interact by using TCP, UDP or OSC messages. Create great looking UIs with Lightact WebUIs and make your installation react to RSS feeds or any text file (online or local).


Import video from video files, spout sources, USB or IP cameras, video capture cards and use it in any way you want.


Import audio files or use audio inputs and play them out or run Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and create awesome audio reactive visuals.

Visualize and output

Visualize your projectors, projection surfaces, DMX fixtures, LED screens and 3D objects in Lightact Visualizer. Use powerful warping and blending tools and output Art-Net or video directly.

For Installers

Control anything

Lightact can output Video, Art-Net and audio. Control DMX fixtures, video screens, projectors and audio. All with a single intuitive user interface.

Input anything

Lightact can receive and send TCP, UDP or OSC messages and Spout textures. You can use video capture cards or audio inputs and outputs. With Lightact WebUIs it can regularly check RSS feeds or any other online or local text source. With WebUIs you can also create intuitive web-based UIs for end-users.

Peace of mind

Monitor your installations remotely using Lightact Cloud (or choose to be notified via email if anything changes). Use Lightact Manager to ensure the installation is always up and running.

5-year on-site warranty

Hardware made by Dell gives you peace of mind with its global 5-year on-site next-business-day warranty*.

Remote access at all times

All Pro range servers have Dell’s iDRAC remote access. This means you can access the server remotely even when it is off.

Redundant hardware

Most models in Pro range feature redundant power supply and hard drives for extra reliability.

*Provided by Dell EMC
For Clients

Proven all around the world

Use a media server proven in dozens of projects all around the world. From California to Paris, Sydney and more.

5-year on-site service

Enjoy peace of mind given by a 5-year worldwide next-business-day on-site warranty provided by our partner Dell.

Competitive pricing

Take advantage of Lightact’s competitive pricing designed with fixed installations in mind.

Easy to control

Control your installation with Lightact WebUIs. They are easy to use 100% custom designed user interfaces accessible from anywhere.

Maximum uptime

Lightact’s reliability features such as automatic project restarts and auto boot-ups after power outage ensure a maximum possible uptime of your installation.

No excess features

Lightact was designed with fixed installations in mind. Don’t bend entertainment technologies to what they weren’t designed for. Don’t pay for features you don’t need.

In-depth Information


Content sourcesVideo files, image files, Spout, NDI, custom GLSL shaders, integrated texture generators, Unreal Engine
Video formats (containers).avi., mp4., mov., wmv., wma., asf., 3gp., 3g2., 3gp2., 3gpp., m4a., m4v., vob., webm., mts., mpg., mpeg., mkv., flv
CodecsDV Video, H.264, MPEG-4, Windows Media Video, WebM, Hap, HapA and HapQ and others
Image formats.jpg, .png, .bmp and .gif
Texture sharingSpout and NDI
Video captureVideo capture cards (tested with Datapath), USB cameras, IP cameras (tested with Axis)
I/OOSC, TCP, UDP, MIDI, Lightact WebUIs, Windows shared memory
InteractiveIntel RealSense, Microsoft Kinect
MonitoringLightact Manager, Lightact Cloud
Number of layersUnlimited
Number of sequencesUnlimited
Number of Layer tracks16

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