The entire workflow uses a consistent approach and a simple and intuitive interface.
3D visualizer

The whole setup process is entirely 3D. You can import complex 3D models from your favourite 3D modelling software or create some basic 3D objects in LightAct yourself. Then you can place the video screens, map the content on them and watch how it will all look even before going on-site.

Layer Timeline

The content is composited on a multi-layer timeline where you can stack dozens of different content layers and sequence them exactly how you want. You can also create several media scenes and program their transitions in any way you like.

Node-Based Layer Editor

Each content layer can be further customized with an easy to use node-editor. There you can connect various signal generators, triggers, timelines and math modifiers to layer parameters. Each of these parameters can be connected to sensors, motion tracking or touch data as well.

Consistent Content Flow

LightAct uses an intuitive content flow from content layers to canvases to screens to physical outputs. By adding these steps we’ve given you a consistent workflow with a myriad of creative possibilities.