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SensorView is an interface between reActor and different types of digital or analogue sensors, such as motion detectors, light detectors and sound detectors. It allows you to connect up to 8 different switching contact type sensors through RJ9 connectors or Push-In terminals and up to 4 analogue sensors. It is supplied in a DIN rail compatible aluminium housing which is perfect for installation close to the sensors. To make the installation even simpler, it also includes 12V DC and 5V DC power outputs that can power most of the common sensors.

  • Works with any type of switching contact sensor and any 0-5V analogue sensors
  • It greatly increases the number of sensors one reActor can control
  • Includes a +12V and +5V DC power output for most types of sensors.

The RJ9 connectors are directly compatible with Osram Multi 3 sensors, which have a motion sensor and an analogue light meter integrated. On top of it, they are very small and neat.

SensorView is also compatible with various low-cost analogue sensors, for example temperature sensor, humidity sensor and many others. Most of these sensors require 5V power supply, which is available in all 4 RJ9 connectors on every SensorView. Let us know if you have any questions regarding sensors and their compatibility.

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