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reActor V controllers fulfil the need for lighting and media installations that interact with people and the environment. They have a unique capability of running a truly interactive lighting show, which responds to motion tracking of people and a variety of different sensors, as well as to digital and analogue inputs, incoming DMX data stream and Ethernet commands. Naturally they can run a stand-alone lighting show with a number of different colour scenes, luminaire groups, which can respond to external triggers such as a real-time clock, press buttons and more.

All of the reActors are pre-programmed using LightAct Designer. They don’t have to be connected to a PC to run the show and they resume playback immediately after being powered on. Of course they can be networked together via Ethernet to make larger installations possible. They are supplied in a DIN rail compatible aluminium enclosure and are powered by Power over Ethernet or 24V DC.


There are 3 different versions of the module: V2 has 2 LightAct Interface connections, V4 has 4 and V6 has 6 LightAct Interface connections.

That means V2 can be connected with up to 16 sensors, V4 with up to 36 and V6 with up to a whopping 48 sensors.

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