Paris Expo Porte de Versailles


Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles is a permanent lighting installation in the center of Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, designed by a Parisian lighting design agency Seulsoleil.

Lighting designers François Gaunand, Benjamin Cardonnel and Mélina Votadoro were looking for a reliable system that would be able to control 60 DMX universes of Traxon’s Media Tubes based on traffic conditions on the main ring road around Paris, Boulevard Périphérique.

Lightact was chosen because it offered 24/7 reliability combined with a wide variety of programming options including a possibility of integrating custom-built computer-vision plug-ins.

Visible, our parent company, specified one reActor X1 (predecessor to ‘Pro’ range) which pulls video feeds from 2 IP cameras installed on the Périphérique and, using a custom plugin, extracts velocity and driving lane for each vehicle in camera view. Based on these parameters a custom-built visual effect generates colored blobs (magenta on the north side of the road and orange on the south) which blink according to the traffic density on their respective side of the road.

Philippe Mussard from Epic Lighting who supplied reActor X1 to the client and took care of the on-site logistics said:

“It’s very nice working with such a proactive company with ideas out of the box.”

Lightact outputs a DVI video signal to Video Micro Converters (VMCs) by eCUE, which map the video signal to the media tubes. Lightact Manager software was set-up to automatically start running the project on system boot-up and re-start it in case of a system crash.

At the end of the project, François Gaunand from Seulsoleil, had a short-but-sweet feedback:

“Thanks a lot for your very good job!”



  • 1 x Lightact reActor X1
  • 126 x Traxon media tubes
  • 6 x Traxon e:cue Video Micro Converters