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Porte de Versailles is a permanent lighting installation in the center of Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, designed by a Parisian lighting design agency Seulsoleil.

The central idea of the installation is that it responds to traffic on Boulevard Périphérique.

VISIBLE, our sister company, built a LightAct plugin that used 2 IP cameras to monitor the traffic on the Boulevard and extract speed and density of the traffic separately for each side of the Boulevard. This data was then used for real-time generative visuals, also written in LightAct, which are mapped to Traxon light fixtures.

For more, check out a video from Visible below:


LightAct equipment & accessories

  • 1 x reActor X1

Lighting equipment

  • 126 x Traxon media tubes
  • 6 x Traxon e:cue Video Micro Converters