LightAct Media


Software for interactive multi-media.


LightAct Media is an interactive media production and playback software package. It allows you to compose video effects based on real-time data. It features a multi-layer timeline where you can stack the video content on top of eachother and combine it with one of several interactive video effects.

  • A multi-layered track editor
  • A powerful node-based effect customisation tool
  • Integration and event scheduling
  • Remote reporting, access & support


LightAct Media has unique motion tracking and shape detection algorithms that work both on video as well as depth feeds. This allows you to create interactive multi-media installations where the environment reacts to movement & presence of people to create a trully immersive and interactive environment.


The software uses a multi-layer timeline on which you can sequence imported video, image or generative effects. Each layer is completely customizable in a comprehensive node-based view where you can adjust a multitude of different parameters for each layer, including interactivity with sensors and motion tracking.


LightAct Media has a special run mode called SmartRun, which gives you more control over the installation. Features include email reporting, system resource management, auto restarts in case of crashes, scheduled system restarts and much more.

You can also request remote access where a LightAct technician will remotely log into your installation and help with the set up or re-adjustment.


LightAct Media is more than just a multi-media controller. It is also a visualiser, where you can visualise the whole project before you actually build the installation. And what is even better, whilst creating the visualisation, you have also created the show programming itself.