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Galerizi is a tiny little gallery positioned in an outdoor hallway close to the city centre of Ljubljana in Slovenia. The gallery is dedicated primarily to photography exhibitions, which are displayed with the use of backlighting.

The gallery is visible from afar, but only a few people actually venture inside. The main challenge was how to attract the visitors without blasting away with the lights and how to engage them with the artwork once they are inside.

The concept breaks away from the usual static appearance of galleries and creates something much more lively and dynamic. This plays well with the location of the gallery, which is very close to the biggest youth cultural centre in Ljubljana called Metelkova.

The Gallery uses motion tracking lighting enabled by a control system of their own making called LightAct. It makes the backlit artworks appear only when there is someone in the vicinity. This creates a unique type of a gallery where the visitors (re)create the layout of the exhibition with every step they make.

It adds another layer of experience for the visitors (and also makes the kids run around in laughter when the artworks follow them). When there is no one in the gallery the artworks gently fade in and out, thus inviting visitors closer.

The Team

LightAct equipment & accessories

  • 2 x analogue outdoor camera
  • 2 x SmartView module
  • 1 x reActor

Lighting equipment

  • 10 x DMX controlled RGB LED panels installed within the lightboxes.