FreeOneEasyStartPro SPro MPro LPro XL
Art-Net UniversesUnlimited (watermarked)128 (+Multiverse)3050Unlimited*Unlimited*
Video outputsUnlimited (watermarked)Unlimited**Unlimited**Unlimited**4 x DP4 x DP4 x DP4 x DP
Max resolutionUnlimited1 x 1280 x 7202 x 1920 x 10801 x 3840 x 21604 x 5K4 x 5K4 x 5K4 x 5K
Spout & NDI outputsUnlimited (watermarked)1 x 1280 x 7202 x 1920 x 10801 x 3840 x 2160Unlimited*Unlimited*Unlimited*Unlimited*
Lightact Manager
Lightact Cloud
Lightact WebUIs
Warranty5-year global on-site***5-year global on-site***5-year global on-site***5-year global on-site***
Integrated WiFi
Included, Not included, Hardware dependent, * Actual maximum number is determined by the overall processing load., ** The combined pixel count of all outputs cannot exceed Max Resolution. *** Provided by Dell EMC., Premium support: email, chat, voice as well as online knowledge base.

About video output limitations

Max resolution limitation means that you can use as many video outputs or as many Spout/NDI outputs as you want as long as the pixel count for each doesn’t exceed the max resolution. For example, Lightact Start has 1x4K max resolution which means you can use either 1 x 4K video output or 4 x Full-HD or any other combination as long as the overall pixel count is below 1 x 4K. In addition to that, you can also use either 1 x 4K Spout or NDI output.

About Art-Net universe limitations

Number of universe limitation is determined by the number of ports on the Art-Net nodes in Lightact Devices window.

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