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We are doubling down on our commitment to provide a media server for great installations. That’s why we took a bit more time to release v3.2.2, but wait till you hear about all the new features that we are packing in. They will make those of you that want to create big multi-server Lightact installations, really happy.

Multi-server operation

Lightact is a server for great installations. “Great” can mean many things and “big” is usually one of them. That’s why we are very happy that Lightact v3.2.2 can now scale up to an almost infinite number of machines. Frame-accurate multi-server operation with project creation and management on a single machine and deployment to an infinite number of slave machines will be possible.

Everything is set up in the Devices window and the most critical operations such as projection warp & blends and video screen content mapping are distributed to the correct machine in an instant.

In addition to that, multi-server Lightact installation works seamlessly with Unreal Engine’s nDisplay. This means you can easily create projection mapped multi-server Unreal Engine installations of almost infinite size.


With this release, we also embarked on a long and ongoing journey of ‘reducing the number of clicks’ needed to achieve what you want. This, for example, pushed us to (finally) implement asset file drag & drop, project opening by double-clicking on a project file in Windows Explorer, Layer Templates and Layer copy & paste, OBJ files can now grab texture directly from Image assets and much more.

There are so many improvements, that we are going to have to put others into the next blog post.
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